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Sexy Blonde Teen Kayaking In Bikini

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Even in the solo girl arena, after so many years you’ve seen it all and done it all. There are only so many times you can take a hot nineteen year old chick and put her in a pair of panties on a bed, or a French maid outfit…. and so on and so forth. After a while it just gets old. This one of the reasons there is a pattern all of these solo girls go through. The start off doing non nude, then nude, then they play with vibrators and fuck themselves with dildos on camera…. Then they have a few lesbian romps…. And then before you know they are sucking cock and riding cock.

I am surprised Madden has lasted this long still doing non nude. Although it seems to me like every day we are getting closer and closer to seeing her naked.

But this is new…. I’ve never seen a solo girl go kayaking before…. I’ve been kayaking once, and it kicked my ass. I mean, what doesn’t kill you makes you strong, and I would gladly do it again, but it kicked my ass. Of course, I wasn’t in a little lake – I was kayaking out to an island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. Anyhows…. seeing Madden kayaking in a sexy little bikini is super hot and sexy – and it’s a first for all solo girls!

I wish we would see this more often!

Here is a close up of Madden kayaking…. All I see is boobs.

Of course we’ve never seen Madden completely topless so we’ve never really seen her boobs, and I’ve never thought they were that big. But from this view she looks like she has plenty of cleavage and that’s always a good thing1

Madden fills out a bikini nicely!

Madden is super sexy!

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