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Kylie Cupcakes Eating Cupcakes

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Ever wonder where some of these chicks get their names? They aren’t born with them, that’s for sure. Someone makes up the names. I used to work for Lighspeed, and we had a model we called Tawnee Stone. We named her after Tawny Kitaen and the fact that she was a huge fucking pot head – LOL.

I bet you with Kylie Cupcake what happened is they were trying to come up with a name and when they drew a blank, someone asked her what she liked. Models aren’t usually too bright (well they would be off in college and not taking off the clothes for strangers if they were smart) so when they put her on the spot and she had to come with what she liked the only thing she could think of was cupcakes. And thus she was named Kylie Cupcake.

She even has a tattoo of a cupcake and all.

Cupcakes or not, my lord Kylie Cupcake is beautiful. As if she wasn’t beautiful enough to eat, she’s got whipped cream on her pussy – perfect for desert!

I would eat Kylie Cupcake any chance I could!

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