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Following Up On Sunny Leone

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Sometimes life is stranger than ficture.

I remember Sunny Leone. In fact, one of my friends dated her for a long time. This was when she was a pretty big pornstar and her had own website. She was nice, fun, and sexy as hell. She didn’t fit in much here on Rochard’s Bunny Ranch but I posted a few times about her here. I am sure I can find a picture of her and I together…. But something  interesting happened to Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone was born in Canada (gasp!) and is  Indian Sikh (gasp!). She was beautiful, very exotic looking, and somehow went from porn to… being a hgue star in Bollywood. (Bollywood is the Hollywood of India.)

Nice tits.

Who would have imagined someone like Sunny Leone could go from porn to being a legit actress?

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