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Destiny Moody Is Sheer Perfection

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At the very top of the solo girl food chain is Destiny Moody…. As much as I like blondes, Destiny Moody is the very top of the top.

She is just perfect. Destiny Moody has the long legs, the tight little teen ass, the super flat sexy flat belly, the perfect tits, the beautiful face with those beautiful round cheeks, that hair…. Those sexy brown eyes. Of course, that is only part of the package… Of course, a huge part of the package is the fact that she is always willing to get naked at the drop of the hat. If all of that isn’t enough to qualify for sheer perfection, she also likes to dress up for us…. I mean, all of the solo girls like to play dress up but it seems to me that Destiny Moody goes over the top when playing dress up.

I wonder if there are any photos of Destiny Moody in a French maid outfit…

Doesn’t matter much… I checked and of course there are photos of Destiny Moody in a French maid outfit…. Hot!

Look at this photo of Destiny Moody…. She’s got the high heels on, she’s showing off her long legs and her beautiful tight little ass and she’s slowly peeling off her panties… I wonder if there is a video of this scene! I hope so… There isn’t enough video of her. There could not be enough videos of Destiny Moody….

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