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Teen Deja The Lesbian

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While we are on the lesbian trend…. Yum!

I remember Teen Teen Deja. She was fun. I never hit it, but she was fun to play with and flirt with. She was up to getting naked at any time for nearly any reason. One time in Mexico I dared her to eat lunch with me naked on the back porch of our rental on the beach… It was a fun day. Who doesn’t like eating with naked chicks?

She was always easy on the eyes.

And of course she loved getting it on with other chicks too. I think every chick in their lesbians are into other chicks…. Watching her make out with other chicks was always hot too. I like it when they rub their boobs together…. That’s alway shot.

Yeah, Teen Deja looks her best when she’s rubbing her breasts up against another girl…

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