I get a staggering amount of email on a daily basis. I thought I would answer most of the “standard” questions I get in a FAQ!

Q: What the fuck is up with the name “Rochard”?
A: “Rochard” is a play on my first name of Richard. More or less, I changed the “i” of “Richard” to an “o”. It’s pronounced “ROCKhard”. Get it?

Q: How did you get into porn?
A: I got into web pages in 1995 or so, and being as I had nothing important to say my first web page was a daily bikini page. This was back in the day when web pages were ugly, usually boring, and you could never really find what you wanted. Eventually I discovered I could make money off of my website, and then I stared a second and then a third. I was hooked and never looked back.

Q: How many of the models on your blog here have you banged?
A: Very few. For me this is a business, and in business you don’t screw you employees – unless they are really hot.

Q: You’ve lived in California and Phoenix. You Facebook page says you live in Hawaii. What’s up with that?
A: I moved to Hawaii full time in February of 2013. Best place in the world.

Q: Did you work for Playboy?
A: In fact I did. I was the general manager for one of the two online divisions Playboy has. It was interesting to say the least. No, I never met Hef, and yes, I did in fact get to go to the Playboy Mansion.

Q: Were you really in the Marines?
A: I was in the Marines in the late 1980s. No, I never saw any combat of any kind, and no, I wasn’t in Recon. Anyone who tells you they were in Recon is most likely full of shit.

Q: You have only softcore photos on this blog. I need something more. Do you have any hardcore blogs?
A: I like to write about what turns me on, and watching a hot chick get drilled by someone else’s dick is a turn off for me. In fact, any time I see another man’s dick I get turned off.

Q: Why are so many of your pictures on this blog so damn small?
A: I started this blog back in 2005, and back then monitors were much smaller. Our first and second blog themes only allowed pictures that were 420 pixels wide. As of 2015 we can finally post much larger pictures.

Q: Are you behind the “Mustang Mach 1 Car Wash” photos?
A: I am! That was my car and I shot the video footage. That was a fun day really.

Q: How do I get into porn?
A: If your looking to make quick money and don’t mind taking a huge cock up your ass, I can hook you up. Otherwise don’t bother. Men don’t get paid much to be in porn movies.

Q: Do you know anyone famous?
A: I do. I’ve hung out and partied with some of the top porn stars. While Martina Warren was Penthouse Pet of the year, she was a regular at my house in Phoenix. I know Ron Jeremy too. After a while a porn star is just a chick with breasts no matter how big their egos are.

Q: Do you really run all of these blogs by yourself?
A: I do, although I’m about to hire a hot babe to help me out shortly. Seriously.