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Super Sexy Stacy Bride

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I remember Stacy Bride. Yum.

One time Stacy Bride and I were alone in the study and we filmed a sexy dance of her just dancing. I think she was in a short skirt and a cute button up top. We just put some music on and she started dancing around the “family room” of the studio, which was really nothing more than a every day suburban house outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Chicks her age – she must have been twenty or twenty-one at the time – had no fear. “Oh, you want me to do a dance? Let me find a song to dance to” and she just did. She was cute and the dance was sexy.

Who doesn’t like watching a cute twenty year old in a little mini skirt dancing and stripping?

Look at that tiny little rack Stacy Bride has… I like big tits but sometimes “big enough” is just right. Yes, Stacy Bride had it all going on. She was short, cute, tight, and her perfect little perky breasts that are always in high demand.

Stacy Bride  also had the one other quality that is oh so  important in a chick, be it a girlfriend or wife… She has to like other chicks. I like chicks who like chicks. Mostly because there is nothing hotter than watching a chick make out with another chick but also because every guy in the world likes threesomes!

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