You don’t think I run this site by myself do you?

Truth be told I get my inspiration from many sources, most of which are my
close friends. I thought I’d give special consideration to some of those friends
and others that help out. Oddly enough, all of them are women.

sexy punker barbie

Punker Barbie
Title: Entertainment Procurement Specialist
Job Duties: Resident party animal and staff prankster.

Everyone needs a side kick, and Punker Barbie is a natural in this role. She’s
the type of girl who will show up at 2pm in the afternoon during a work day
with a bottle of Jägermeister and will have you bombed two hours later. (Work is over rated anyhow).

Punker is the woman behind the scenes at Southern Brooke, Diddy, and Kate’s Playground.

meet madden

Meet Madden
Title: Oral Fixation & Interactions Technician
Job Duties: Self explanatory.

Life without Meet
wouldn’t be worth living. Rumor has it she had my child,
but I have my doubts about that. But thanks for playing along!

looks super sexy in the official company t-shirt!

misty anderson staff member

Misty Anderson
Title: Model Extraordinaire
Job Duties: Rochard’s personal fluffer and massue.

Misty Anderson of course has her own site and is featured here. I met her years ago at a convention and we hit it off in more ways than one. She’s been a good friend since then.

Italian Vixen

Italian Vixen
Title: High Energy Cardiological Alchohol Recovery Therapist
Job Duties: Keeping fellow staff members well lubricated.

This gal loves to party like a rock star, can hold her own with the liquor, looks stunning in a short skirt, and can charm the pants off of any man just for kicks!

xxx raimi miller

Raimi Miller
Title: Director Best Of Breed Front End Headlight Inspector
Job Duties: Breast inspection.

Raimi Millier
is well known for being featured on my blog here, being as she has her own website. She’s been a closer friend for a long time and is always a blast to hang with.