My name is Richard. I am forty-ish years of age, live in Hawaii, and I list my martial status as “pfft” (which loosely translated means none of your business but always looking). I am a former US Marine and a college graduate, and have worked full time in the adult industry since 1996.

Misty Anderson and Rochard
Misty Anderson and myself at an adult convention.

A super young me with a model named Evita.


My very first web page was a daily bikini page. This was back in 1995 or so. I’ve always loved the bikini. It’s the most amount of clothing a chick can wear in public without getting arrested.

You can’t tell me that’s not smoking hot. All men like boobies.

Once I moved into working in adult, including as a photographer, I started shooting bikini photos on my free time – just for kicks….

But still to this day every time I see a chick in a bikini I get excited.

Adult Industry Stuff

I’ve been working in the adult industry since 1996 or so. I spent five years working for Lightspeed ( Tawnee Stone, Jordan Capri, Raimi Miller), and was General Manager of one of Playboy’s Internet divisions.

Tawnee Stone Jordan Capri Steve Lightspeeds Viper
Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri with Lightspeed’s Viper.

Lia 19 and Rochard
Myself with Lia 19 in Phoenix.

I’m good friends with a lot of Internet models such as Lia (pictured above), Alison Angel, and Misty Anderson.

Misty Anderson Rochards Bunny Ranch Shirt
Misty Anderson during a recent visit in Sacramento

The day I met Raven Riley

Rochard and Diddylicious


Have you ever wanted to party like a rock star? You should step inside of my world. The parties we throw would make your heads spin – renting out a penthouse suit in Vegas with $20k of booze. I’ve done it all from Cannonball like motorcycle races from Phoenix to Vegas, Helicopter Races down the Vegas strip, to three day parties where we rent out an entire town in Mexico.

And the parties at my house have been legendary also….. This is what happens at 4am in the morning at my parties…..

rochards jager bath
Party like a rock star – or like you just don’t care!

The yearly Halloween party….

punker barbie and lia 19
Punker Barbie and Lia 19

And of course there is the photo shoots…..

Rochard & Taylor Little
Taylor Little riding on top of the Rochard!

And every September our trip to Mexico….

Mexico booze


I have many hobbies, turn ons, and things that turn me off. I like lesbians, women in cowboy hats, and women wrestling other women in Jello. I strongly dislike fat women in party hats.

I like Mustangs – I’ve had seven of them since 1995 including my current car, a 2004 Mustang Cobra.

mustang cobra
Lynn and my Mustang Cobra.

high speed run
A high speed run in my Cobra.

mach 1 carwash
My Mach 1 in a Lightspeed Sorority photo shoot.

I’m also into sport bikes – I have a Honda CBR XX 1100. 12k miles on it including a trips from Phoenix to LA, Vegas, San Diego, and Mexico – without a single problem.

honda CBRxx1100

Honda CBRxx1100

I’m also into midget tossing. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

midget tossing
Midget tossing is an up and coming sporting event!

Fan Club

I didn’t want to get into the adult industry. I was too busy with college and making web pages. However, a handful of websites I made continued to make me good money and it was only a matter of time before the adult industry became a full time source of income for me. I’m hung like a can of Pepsi and I’m told I’m pretty funny in person, so I’ve never had problems with the ladies. I didn’t get into the industry so I could nail hot sluts, but at the same time I’ve discovered that I have a lot of friends that are models. Some of them I know well (well enough to have them on speed dial), and others I know only online or because I met once or twice at a convention.

At the same time, I send out my t-shirts to any model who asks for one, and I’m always tickled pink when I get pictures back!

If any models or hot chicks want a t-shirt and promise to send back non crappy pix, shoot me an email to rochard (at) gmail.com and I’ll hook you up.

US Marine?

I was in the US Marines when I was younger. I was an 0352, more commonly called a TOW Gunner. Here’s a picture of two hot naked chicks in my home office holding up a picture of me in my dress blues.

US Marine
Yes, I was a Marine!

Rochard US Marine
Me out in the field! Locked, cocked, and ready to rock!

Bikini Bash Parties

Somewhere along the line I started throwing myself a birthday party. However, I’m pretty fucking smart (or a smart ass, take your pick) and I decided to stock the pond. It’s a very simple concept – I don’t fish, but I know that if the pond is stocked with fish ahead of time, the odds of you landing a decent sized fish is pretty good. Likewise, the more chicks there are a party, the less of a wiener roast it is. So I invited models and other hot chicks to attend the party. Then, on top of that, I hired chicks to be bar tenders; They were topless and wore bunny ears.

The parties got larger and larger, and not that I’m a cheap bastard (I totally am really) I came up with the novel idea of having porn companies sponsor the event – You know, more money for booze. Things got out of hand. People starting flying in from out of the country to attend my parties!

At one point someone decided to boost some of my electronics and a few purses. One time we discovered a frying pan in the pool. Not sure how this happened, I went back over the pictures and discovered someone decided to carry around shots and couldn’t find a tray, so she used a frying pan instead. But people started passing out and not walking up for twenty-four hours and it started to scare me. One guy passed out in the back yard and woke up soaking wet because the sprinkler system went off while he was out cold.

In the end I decided to slim things down a bit. I was smart about it. I would pick five of the hottest girls I know and offer to fly them, all expenses paid, to the tropical island of their choice. The only catch was that they had to wear bikinis from the moment we left US airspace until the moment we returned. Trust me, we always get some interesting looks. But oh, what fun it is!

The Truth!

I either work full time in the adult industry or I am really a greeter at Wal Mart. I can’t remember which.

Wal Mart Greeter
Think of me the next time you visit Wal Mart!

I think that covers it. If you have any questions email me!