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Madden Never Fails To Impress

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Fucking Madden never fails to impress. No matter what she’s hot and we want to do oh so many naughty things to do her in the dark – or even in the light.

Today Madden is wearing a bikini and she’s out at the lake. Not much to this bikini she has one. The best part is the matching sunglasses, because, you know, chicks get off on matching their sunglasses to their outfits. I’ve never matched my outfit to my glasses. I rarely match my shorts to my shirt. But her sun glasses isn’t the best part. The best part is her cleavage… There is just so much cleavage. Madden doesn’t have a huge rack, but this girl knows how to show off the girls. This bikini seems to be pushing her boobs up to make them look much bigger than they are which is fine by us. Not a single one of us would be disappointed if she took off that bikini and we discovered her tits aren’t as large as we thought they were…. Of course if Madden lets us play with her titties that would be oh so much more fun.

But no, Madden never fails to impress us. She also never disappoints us – although I seriously do want to see Madden topless!

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