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Blonde Goddess Allison Angel

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At the end of the day Allison Angel is nothing short of a blonde goddess.

Maybe you might think of a “goddess” as being super tall but you also might be confused with the term “Amazon” (not to be confused with the onlne site). For me a goddess is someone who is “tall” (by woman standards) but for me a goddess is someone I would gladly sell my soul to the devil in exchange for one night with a tall, blonde chick with beautiful breasts.

Speaking of breasts I believe Allison Angel has natually perky breasts – no fake boob jobs here. That’s always best.

My god Allison Angel is smoking hot!

This picture of Allison Angel is just perfect. You can see she has all of the right parts in all of the right places. Blonde hair, great rack, great ass.. flat belly. Don’t laugh – It’s well known that I like tits but flat bellies on chicks also turn me on. It seems that chicks with flat bellies are rare these days because, you know, hot chicks like to eat pizza and stuff and don’t like to work out. I know Allison Angel works out; I’ve seen all kinds of pictures of her working out, exercising, and running. Watching Allison Angel run topless is a special treat. In one video Allison Angel and another chick are chasing each other around the pool…. That’s hot!

I’ve always loved Allison Angel and always will.

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