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Sexy Shayla Jennings

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Each and every one of us has that one chick from high school that we had a super crush on but somehow she managed to get away from us…. For me, Shayla Jennings is that girl.

One of my all time favorite solo girl models from the old days is Destiny Moody. I find her to be perfect. But obviously Shayla Jennings is next in line right after Destiny Moody. They look similar, have the same proportions, same dark hair, and same willingness to get naked online. But Shayla Jennings takes things to the next level. You see sometimes solo girls get bored and want to make even more money so they go over board and do all kinds of crazy stuff… hard core stuff. Now, I like watching a chick have a threesome with other women and eating pussy and of course I would love to see Shayla Jennings sucking on some cock and even riding cock, and it seems like Shayla Jennings has done her share of hardcore…. But yet somehow she still looks sweet and innocent at the same time.

That’s a talent most solo girls cannot pull off.

This is my favorite photo set of Shayla Jennings… I love this dress. I am sure I have posted her in this dress before but it still work for me after all of this time.

I love boobs more than anything else – even pizza – but I also feel I  need to show her in the dress too…

Shayla Jennings is always hot….

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