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Madden In Flannel

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I love flannel as much as the next guy. I do. Really. I love the country girl thing, the cowboy boots – if you want to check out tons of half naked hot chicks go to  your local country concert. Always lots of hot stuff going on there.

But I am not a fan of the flannel dress. I would like to think Madden is one of those chicks that can make anything look good. I’m sure she could even pull off flannel. However, the flannel dress is just so not working for it. Even with the cleavage. Madden is trying to make it work hard but it’s just not having it.

She does have a cute smile though. Madden is cute.

The high heels help. A little.

Once Madden strips down to her panties, however, it changes everything. Now suddenly Madden is smoking hot.

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