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Sexy Bree Morgan

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If Bree Morgan isn’t a special little slice of perfection from Heaven, I don’t know what is. I’ve been in this business a long time, and I can spot beauty. I can tell the difference from a solo girl who will do well and one who will disappear in six months. Bree Morgan is here to stay. And that’s a very good thing for us!

Bree Morgan is super sexy. She’s got the curves in the right place, no child bearing hips, perfect teen boobies, and sexy auburn red hair. She’s perfect. Oh lord, the things I wouldn’t do to her…

bree morgan hot bikini5

Seems Bree Morgan was on track to be a Playmate when she decided she had better things to do – like being a solo girl. Being in Playboy and all that is nice, but this is much better for us.

You can tell that Bree Morgan loves modeling too!

bree morgan hot bikini6 bree morgan hot bikini7 bree morgan hot bikini8 bree morgan hot bikini9

Damn, if I had the body Bree Morgan had… I’d be trying to show it off every chance I got also!

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