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First day of the month, so let’s get things off to a proper start. Aspen Parker seems to be a good way to start things off. Damn, why didn’t they build a site for Aspen Parker? That would have been so fucking hot – This chick deserves her own site.

She reminds me a lot of Destiny Moody. In fact, I think they share the same photographer. And you know how I feel about Destiny Moody right? She’s hot too.


Aspen Parker is just beautiful. Her face looks sweet and innocent, and her body is just flawless.

I wonder what Aspen Parker┬áis going to do with that belt…. Why does she need a belt if she doesn’t have any clothes on? Perhaps she wants us to use it to spank her (no problem – I’m in!) or perhaps she wants to use it as a choker collar. Who knows with girls like this. Either way one thing is for sure – No way in the world you or I would ever be able to say no to Aspen Parker! She is just way too hot to say no to!

I wonder what Aspen Parker would look like in a bikini…. Or perhaps we just need to see her naked all the time!

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