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Ewa Sonnet Has Huge Breasts

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Ewa Sonnet has huge boobs. And this works just perfectly for us….

I honestly believe that a woman with huge boobs can have anything they want. Men love boobs, and will do anything just to see them – and they will do oh so much more to play with them and watch them bounce around as they ride on top of us. Men will do anything for a woman with huge boobs. And while they might deny it, chicks love women with big boobs too. Big boobs are always sexy, men want them, and it makes other women very, very jealous. In fact, this might just be why nearly all women are lesbians. It’s because chicks are attracted to boobs and being as all chicks have boobs it means chicks just plainly are attracted to other chicks.

Who wouldn’t be attracted to Ewa Sonnet?

Looks like Ewa Sonnet is doing the tourist thing. I wonder if her huge breasts gets her special deals from street vendors and the like?

I bet you it’s funny walking around with Ewa Sonnet. Not only do men stare at her, but women too. Women know that their men are watching her, the one with the giant tits, and they quickly get jealous. Not only do they want to be like Ewa Sonnet, they want to be with her to lay as one.

Lesbians with big boobs are always hot!

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