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Big Day!!!

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Well, today’s my birthday. I won’t tell you how old I am, but chances are you’ve clicked the “About Me” button and figured it out. I should take that down. So I’m another day older today, but not any deeper in debt than I was last year. That’s good.

A friend of mine owns a restaurant up the street, and I do lunch there as often as I can. My girlfriend and I went there yesterday, and behind my girlfriend’s back my buddy says “Your daughter is just too cute”. You fucking idiot, that’s not my daughter – it’s my girlfriend. Yes, life has been good so far.

Here’s a recent picture of Diddy and I…. She’s so damn cute!


rochard diddy

I’m well known for my birthday parties – I call them bikini bashes – and this year I plan on outdoing myself. All I’m gonna say is I’m at the beach right now, it involves a fairly large sized boat, and the only rules are no men and no cameras. Do the math yourself.

On a personal note, thanks for checking out my blog. I have stats on the blog and I can tell how many of you are regular viewers vs new peeps, and I’d like to thank all of you. I started this blog out just for fun, and it seems like every month we are breaking new records, and more and more people are reading the blog on a daily and monthly basis. That rocks – and I thank you for it.

Peace out.

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