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Destiny Moody In A Cowboy Hat

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There is a saying about tits that goes something like “Once you’ve seen one pair of tits, you’ve seen them all”. I don’t think that is true. All titties are different and once you’ve seen hundreds of titties… You still want to see more of them. Well, at least I do. I’ve worked in porn since 1997 or so and I’ve seen a lot of breasts in my time. Yet I still want to see more of them.

Yet at the same time I feel like once you’ve seen Destiny Moody wearing a coyboy hat like this  you’ve seen it all. My feelings about Destiny Moody have been quite clear – I do believe she is by far the hottest solo girl ever. Once you are in the presence of greatness, nothing else comes close. Destiny Moody is just beautiful. Her name might imply she is moody, but honestly I’ve never seen anything less than a smile on her face.

In this picture of Destiny Moody  she is wearing only a cowboy hat, a little pair of short shorts, and a top that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. It looks like it’s fall outside so she must be cold… Yet somehow Destiny Moody  has a huge smile on her face, even though she is half naked outside in the cold. She surely puts in the effort and looks beautiful to do it.

What a tight little hard body Destiny Moody  has…. Imagine her riding on top of you. Surely she would have a huge smile on her face the entire time! She might get off riding on top of you, but we know that all chicks like getting fucked doggie style most of all! I am sure Destiny Moody  is no different. In fact, we see a lot of photos of her hand hands and knees so we can be sure that she likes it from behind.

I know I enjoyed summer; I love spending time down by the pool watching chicks in their bikinis. (I live in an HOA complex and we have multiple large pools!) But I am starting to look forward to fall, if only to see more pictures of Destiny Moody  like this outside and ready to get naked!

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