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Chrissy Marie Has Breasts

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Chrissy Marie has breasts, although I am guessing you already knew that. Chrissy Marie does not only have breasts, but she has huge beautiful breasts. Okay, maybe not huge breasts but at least large breasts. They sure are beautiful. She is not one to have those small perky boobs. The boobs Chrissy Marie has are just the right size – perfect for motorboating and lots of fun to watch when she is riding up on top of you.

Check out the look in her eyes. It’s like she’s horny and on a mission and just wants to fuck. Not only fuck, but fuck until she is satisfied. With the look in her eyes it’s almost like Chrissy Marie less interested in getting off and more interested in breaking you half while having sex. Chrissy Marie is the type of chick that wears high heels to bed, and rips up your sheets with them while fucking your brains out.

Yeah, Chrissy Marie is a real wild child in bed!

Of course the rest of Chrissy Marie isn’t half bad either. She is easy on the eyes.

I wonder what Chrissy Marie does for a living. I bet she looks like a nurse. I would let her take care of me.

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