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Hot Teen Babe In Stockings

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I don’t know the name of this chick, but that’s fine. I want to hit it a few times and then quit it.

Sigh. I love it when teen chicks get all dressed up. My favorites is the job interview when they try to act like they are thirty when they are barely nineteen. Cute little tight business skirts and high heels, maybe some stockings if we are lucky. So freaking hot.

This teen chick isn’t going for a job interview, but instead she is dressed to impress. LOL. Imagine coming home to your girlfriend wearing thigh high fishnet stockings, matching black panties, and a black top and nothing more than a smile.

The bottle of champagne makes things so much more interesting too. I am not sure if she is old enough to drink, but that bottle of champagne will be sure to get her nice and tipsy. And when I say tipsy I mean “willing”. No means no, but it looks like this teen babe from Total Super Cuties isn’t going to be say no. Not tonight. She’s got bad intentions. Which means someone is about to get lucky!

Once that bottle of champagne is opened there is no going back. It’s sort of like when a chick slides her panties down around her knees. Once those panties hit the floor, they aren’t going back up. Panties on the floor means “Yes, I want to to fuck you”. Well, after that bottle of champagne is consumed she surely won’t be able to say no any more now will she?

But let’s be honest. She’s cute, but she doesn’t look like the type of girl that says no does she? She likes the cock as much as we do and for her, it’s easy for her to get what she wants.

I think most of the chicks on Total Super Cuties are just like this one – cute, but never says no. Mostly because they like the cock too!

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