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Private School Jewel Is Back

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Private School Jewel is back. Sort of. Not really.

One of the odd things about the solo girl market is that some models might run their own site or shoot for their own site, but sometimes they are free to shoot for other sites. Or perhaps they shot for one site before they got locked down in a contract or perhaps they shot some content after they got released from their contract. When I worked for Lightspeed after we stopped shooting a certain model we had a site for she went to shoot for FTV Girls, and shot content under a different name there. It was kind odd but it is what it is.

In this case, Private School Jewel shot some extra content for This Year’s Model, or perhaps This Year’s Model purchased the content from another site or something. Either way… This Year’s Model has new content of Private School Jewel I’ve never seen before. So hot.

I might be a boob man, but I have a special place in my heart for  This Year’s Model and her small perky boobs… Boobs are still boobs!

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