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Ariel Rebel Is Super Sexy In Slutty High Heels

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Women in high heels are always a turn on – even when they are like Ariel Rebel and they have small boobies. High heels are hot for so many reasons.

First, women wearing high heels are screaming “I want sex right now”.

Second… Years ago we did a test with one of my girlfriends and took pictures of her in high heels and then without. Women in high heels are taller, arch their back a little, which forces them to stick out their boobs…. It’s hot all the way around.

Now, Ariel Rebel is super hot on any given weekday but seeing with that top pulled down wearing panties and high heels is super hot – even if she is sitting down….

Then again, when isn’t Ariel Rebel super hot?

I’ve met her a dozen times and every time I see Ariel Rebel she is super cute and super sexy…. It only makes me want her that much more! Then again I would hit anything including the breeze if i could.

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