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I Still Love Nikki Sims

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To this very day I still love Nikki Sims.

It’s not like Nikki Sims and I were best friends or anything, but I spent enough time with her to know I was in love with her. And when I say “in love with her” I dons’t mean I wanted to take her home to meet my parents. I mean I just wanted to love her long enough to get her knocked up or at least die trying. You know how it goes.

I believe we’ve seen Nikki Sims have a few threesomes back in her day… Seems she likes breasts as much as we do, although that should not surprise anyone at this point. Any chick that is willing to get naked online for the enjoyment of men is most likely the kind of chick that is willing to try hot lesbian sex with other chicks. More than once. Or in the case of Nikki Sims… a lot.

In fact, now that I think about it.. One of my all time favorite videos is of Nikki Sims and Misty Anderson. They are in a bunk bed and wearing only their panties and they just go for it… It’s so hot watching Misty Anderson climb on top of Nikki Sims and try to wrestle her clothes off.

There was a lot of hot lesbian kissing in the video if I recall correctly… Just do a search for Nikki Sims & Misty Anderson and it comes right up. Hot stuff.

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