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Now this is smoking hot… Two hot lesbians kissing and making out in the pool… buck naked!

hot lesbian pool kiss

I love summer!

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Lesbians In A Tub

I’ve seen some lesbian pictures of Lia 19 and Private School Jewel before, and they were pretty hot. But I don’t recall anything about the two of them being in a tub together.

private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath1

Now, I’m not going to go into my theory about how women like to lock themselves up in the bathroom so they can masturbate in the bath while pretending to bath, but when you get two smoking hot blondes like Lia 19 and Private School Jewel in the tub together…

How can they not bang each other?

private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath2 private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath3 private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath4 private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath5

These two lesbians can’t wait to bang each other in the tub!

private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath6

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Looks like Meet Madden has found herself a lesbian lover… Oh wait, I know that chick! Her name is Kendra Rain. Slut. I knew that party girl was into all kinds of crazy things!

meet madden lesbian sex7

That’s fine. I love me some lesbians and I can watch Meet Madden and Kendra Rain get their lesbian game on all damn day long!

meet madden lesbian sex8

And then they kiss. Oh wow, that’s one hot of a lesbian kiss!

meet madden lesbian sex9

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I just found this picture of Ariel Rebel on her tour. Fucking smoking hot.

ariel rebel hot lesbian threesome kissing

What a wonderful time to be alive really. Young chicks, such as Ariel Rebel, are expected to be at the very least bi-sexual. Not like in my day when a girl kissing a girl was “taboo” and it took a lot of effort to get women to do it. Not sure what happened in the 1960s – free love and all that – but it’s just nice seeing younger chicks like Ariel Rebel being so open about it.

Looks like Ariel Rebel and her sexy lesbian girlfriends are practicing their oral skills. That’s good for us!

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Everyone needs a chick like Natalie Sins. Trust me on this one.

If you haven’t had a threesome with two chicks… Stop everything your doing and start working on making it happen RIGHT NOW. You won’t be disappointed.

Seems Natalie Sins has no problems getting it on with another chick… In fact, that’s the first thing I want to know when meeting a chick. Because if a chick isn’t into banging other chicks, well, it’s just not worth getting out of bed for.

natalie sinns lesbian kiss

Seems Natalie Sins has that lesbian thing down pretty well!

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So, I’m in a crappy mood today. Instead of being down in the dumps all day long, let’s talk about things I like. Good things. Like… Boobs, bikini, and lesbian kisses.

Oh, and Misty Anderson. Looks like she’s met a new friend. Her name is Lilly. And they are in bikinis. How fucking neat is that?

misty anderson sexy bikini lesbian kisses1

But wait. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… You guessed it.

Lesbians. Kissing.

misty anderson sexy bikini lesbian kisses2

In bikinis. At Hooters. Fucking hot.

Misty Anderson sent me an email in the wee hours of the morning threatening me if I didn’t post these pictures ASAP. As if she had to ask.

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The first thing I ask a girl when hooking up with them is if they are into doing other chicks….. If they aren’t, well, I’ll PIIHB, but otherwise I’m not too interested….

Melissa Midwest doesn’t seem to have any hang ups about getting naked with other chicks! In fact, it looks like she’s more than ready to “seize the moment” or any pair of big boobs that just so happens to be in front of her!

melissa midwest sexy-teen-blonde1

Now… Close your eyes… And picture fucking Melissa Midwest and her sexy long haired girlfriend.


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Skinny Dipping

And this is how it happens…. Two smoking hot chicks, together in the pool, in their bikinis… They get bored, have a few drinks, and before you know they are looking each other with desire in their eyes. It never fails: Women are hot and beautiful to look at, and all women want to have sex with other women. It’s just a fact of life….

Soon enough their bikini tops come off…… And they start playing with each other’s breasts….

sexy lesbians in pool1

And then they kiss……

I l-o-v-e watching girls kissing girls!!!!!

sexy lesbians in pool2

And these two bikini clad chicks are fucking sexy as hell!

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I love lesbians… But don’t we all?

I found this picture on the Jr. College Lesbians website. I mean, I grabbed it right off the front page of their site. Very much hotness!!!!

junior college lesbians2

I’d love to snuggle up between the two of them and try to find where they hid the crackers!!!!!

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Well, this has potential…. Three hot lesbians in bikinis with a stick of fire…… Hmmmm.

What could go wrong???

fire eating lesbians in bikinis2

What if one of them was a fire breather????

fire eating lesbians in bikinis1

That sure is hot…. You know that hot lesbians who can breathe fire while wearing a bikini can totally deep throat cock, right????

I found these on the We Live Together website…. Hot!!!!

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