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Kali Rose Takes A Bath

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Kali Rose might be new to us – this is the fifth time I am posting about her – but she is smoking hot. I like blondes. We all know blondes have more fun. And from the looks of things right now Kali Rose likes having fun.

Today Kali Rose is taking a bath. I know women like to take baths. It’s not because it’s relaxing or they like being clean, although I am sure both of these things are true if you think about it. But the reality of this is women like Kali Rose enjoy taking baths because they are naked, in a tub, and they are all alone. It’s fucking relaxing because they a fucking themselves with their fingers. Chicks like Kali Rose like taking baths because they are finger fucking themselves and there is not a thing you or I can do about it.

Take a look at Kali Rose naked in the tub here. All Kali Rose needs to do is gently spread her legs a little bit so she can get at her pussy, slide her fingers down there, and start playing with herself. She’ll get herself off in no time. You know chicks like Kali Rose are a pro at getting themselves off.

The way Kali Rose is looking up as us in this picture reminds us of a hot chick down on her knees looking up at us while she is about to suck cock!


Kali Rose is the type of chick I like – young, hot, blonde, and willing. And of course Kali Rose looks fucking great naked. Now we just need Miss Kali Rose to spread her legs and show us the goods because I know we all want to get at her! So damn pretty Kali Rose should be against the law! And oh so willing too!

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