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Flashback time. I remember these pix. Not sure how they ended up in my “new pix” folder, but cool.

One time Misty Anderson flew out to spend a weekend with me in California. I had just moved back to California, and was all alone. And bored. So she flew out for a long weekend. Fun times!


We took these pictures next to my Mach 1 shortly before she left. It was over cast out and we were both hung over!

But she looked great in those short shorts!


Misty Anderson is so much fun… That’s why I’ll always love her!

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Now this set of photos is close to my heart…. You know how I have a thing for cute teens and anything Mustang related.

And Craving Carmen buck ass naked legs spread on an old Mustang Shelby, well… That makes he hard as a rock.

craving carmen mustang shelby1

Not sure what the inspiration behind these Mustang photos with Craving Carmen, but it’s rocking my world!

craving carmen mustang shelby3 craving carmen mustang shelby4 craving carmen mustang shelby6 craving carmen mustang shelby7

And she’s totally naked!

craving carmen mustang shelby10

And now Craving Carmen is spread eagle – spreading her sexy teen pussy!

craving carmen mustang shelby11

What a beautiful little tight ass Craving Carmen has….

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Sweet Ford Mustang

It’s not often I get to file a post to the “Mustang Babes” category. But it seems to me that Kari Sweets is tinkering under the hood of a new Mustang… Sweet!

I love Mustangs, but I honestly don’t know shit about cars. It’s entirely possible that Kari Sweets knows more about cars than I do…

kari sweets mustang

Doesn’t matter what I know. It’s smoking hot whenever a chick like Kari Sweets is good with her hands and knows her way around an engine!

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Mustang Fan

I bet you didn’t know that Allison Angel is a fan of the Mustangs, did you?


I love Mustangs myself – I’ve had seven of them – and chicks like Allison Angel who are into Mustangs are a huge turn on for me. Just another reason why Allison Angel is the perfect woman for me!!!!

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Times Three

I love email. Send more.

These pictures come in from a lad named Josh who just emailed me this morning – He sent me a picture of his motorcycle (sexy bike really) and a bunch of his favorite Mustang babe pictures. Sweet. This is all making me rock hard this morning!

These pictures cover three different favorite niches – A hot chick in a bikini wearing a cowboy hat posing up against a Mustang. Sweet.

hot mustang babe cowboy hat1

I need more pictures like this!

Josh, please tell me this is your main squeeze and that you hit this nightly!!!!

hot mustang babe cowboy hat2

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Odd Hobby

This Mustang babe has an odd hobby….

mustang babe needs hobby

I hope this was for Halloween. If not, it’s just creepy.

Go visit this site. Thanks.

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My Raimi Miller

I remember this day like it was yesterday… In fact, I think it was yesterday – Lunch with my favorite Raimi Miller….. Always a blast!!!!


And then….


Yeah, I know… You want to lick her belly button. I do too.

Maybe I did. Wink.

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One of the things I like about me being me is the fact that people send me free porn. Daily. In bulk. Combined with the fact that I have access to nearly all of the decent porn sites out there, well, I’m never lonely at night.

Today Natalie Sparks ( bless her soul ) sent me a large file – the largest file I ever got via email – with thousands of pictures. Because I deal with photos like this in bulk all day long, I was able to quickly crack it all open and sort through it tonight and I came up with…. Pictures of Natalie Sparks on a blue Mustang! Sweet!

natlie sparks mustang1

I dig chicks who dig Mustangs. And, come to think of it, I just dig Natalie Sparks.

natlie sparks mustang4natlie sparks mustang7natlie sparks mustang3natlie sparks mustang2

Thanks for the Mustang pix Natalie Sparks!!!!!

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Here’s Allison Angel on a friend’s Mustang with her titties hanging out….. Very nice!!!

allison angel sexy teen mustang

She can pose on my Mustang any time she wants!!!!

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Good morning – this morning we are live from San Francisco!

I know in the past I’ve talked a lot about Phoenix and me living there, but I’m originally a Jersey boy who settled down in Northern California. I moved to Phoenix to get a leg up in the porn industry. Misson accomplished.

But these days I’m back in Northern California and loving it. I mean, it was great living by Raimi Miller (pictured below) and being able to take photos of lesbians getting it on while washing my car. (That’s my old Mustang Mach 1 getting washed!)

The other day I hopped into my Mustang Cobra and headed off for San Francisco for one of the adult conventions. To be sure I’ll come back with some new pictures and perhaps even some on my Cobra….

This picture brings back some old memories!!!


So stay tuned… I’ll continue updating from the road and I’ll have some new pictures when I get back!!!

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