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Lucy O’Hara Naked Is Hot

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Every now and then the planets just line up right and we have the perfect storm. Usually when this happens it involves breasts and a whole lot of nudity.

Myself, I like all things Italian. Cars, sun glasses, my women; If Italy made computers I would buy all of my computers from them. I also like red heads. Yum. Sexy, rare, hot.

Today our picture of the day isn’t Italian, but instead British. I am not complaining but only because the British have this sexy little accent going on that is more effective then the accents the southern girls have.

The look on the face of Lucy Vixen here is priceless. I don’t know if we surprised her or if Lucy Vixen is excited to see us. Either way she is naked and looks ready for a lot of fun and games!

Who wouldn’t want to pry her panties right off of her tight little ass?

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