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Little Laney

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I love getting first crack at new chicks… This is Little Laney, a hot little perky blonde with long, sexy, blonde hair. I’ve noticed she tends to wear her long blonde hair up in pig tails. That’s hot.

Looks like Little Laney has a bit of an attitude. I like that in a teen chick. I can think of ten dozen things she can be doing with her tongue right about now….

little laney hot blonde teen pigtails4

Turns out, Little Laney does it all. Other chicks? She does that. (And that’s hot!) Sucking cock? Seems Little Laney does that on her site too!

That’s our type of girl. So willing!

little laney hot blonde teen pigtails1little laney hot blonde teen pigtails2little laney hot blonde teen pigtails3little laney hot blonde teen pigtails6

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