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Destiny Moody In White Panties

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Everyone like Destiny Moody!

I like my women any which way I can get them. Naked, half dressed…. I’m good with that. But seeing a chick like Destiny Moody in white panties with her boobies out really does it for me. I am sure it does it for you too.

I love how Destiny Moody has her mouth half open like this. It almost looks like she is having an orgasm right now just because she has her titties out. So freaking hot. This should be against the law. You know damn well Destiny Moody can open up her mouth nice and wide and take down any sized cock she wants… Yeah, she looks nice and sweet but you know she can handle her business…. With a body like she has she might never have to work a day in her life, but she’ll have to suck dick every day to keep him happy!

If she was my woman I would never ever let her leave the house. But she had better keep me happy!

I bet Destiny Moody really knows how to keep a man happy. I can see it now. She gets up early and puts on her make up, dresses up, showers you…. Then wears a sexy little outfit all day long until you come home… .And that is when she makes sweet love to you!

Destiny Moody is worth a million bucks!

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