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Candice Brielle Is Sexy In Her Glasses

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I still remember the day when chicks with glasses weren’t remotely sexy. I remember I went to school with a chick named Darlene. She had these thick coke bottle glasses, and no one paid any attention to her at all. Then one summer she got contacts, and when she came back to school she wore these tight jeans and had a perky rack and everyone wanted a piece of her…. LOL.

Then we have Candice Brielle. She wears glasses and she’s not afraid to boldly show them off!

Combined those glasses with and her blonde hair with those huge boobs and her sexy little body and you have one totally hittable package for sure! What kind of a man would turn around a chick like Candice Brielle? Right? We would so hit that over and over and over again! You can bet boobs like that would love to bounce around!

I don’t even care if Candice Brielle can speak English or not…. I would be willing to learn what ever language she speaks… Then again, it’s easy enough to make hand motions for her to get down on her hands and knees and once down there she’ll know exactly what to do…. All women do!

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