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Lily Chey In A Sexy Bikini

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My career in the adult online industry started with a daily bikini page. Back then it was called Zachary’s Daily Dose; It was updated by hand every day just like this site is. I’ve always loved hot chicks in bikinis. I always will. A bikini is the least amount of clothing a woman can wear in public and still get away with. Hell, in some countries they can go topless and only wear a bikini bottom.

This is Lily Chey. She seems to be perfect for a bikini. But it also seems she has lost her bikini top. Not that any of us are complaining. Yum. It looks like Lily Chey has some small little titties. They say bigger is better, and when it comes to boobs that is really true, but in this case I think Lily Chey has perfect breasts.

We need to get Lily Chey into some high heels too.

What’s wrong with these new chicks these days? They need to learn how hot and sexy high heels are.

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