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Destiny Moody Pigtails And Bikinis

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Well now isn’t this just priceless? Destiny Moody in a bikini with her hair up in pigtails. Yum. Priceless.

Any women above the age of legal drinking age who puts their hair up in pigtails, well, they are trying to send a message. That message is that they like to fuck. One can only imagine how much Destiny Moody likes to fuck, right? With a body like Destiny Moody has she can have any man she wants; Destiny Moody calls all of the shots. No man (or woman) is going to say no to her that’s for sure. So when Destiny Moody puts on her bikini, straps on some high heels, and puts her hair up in pigtails, well… We know exactly what is happening. In very simple terms Destiny Moody is trying to control us, and she obviously has us wrapped around her finger just by looking in our direction.

And we would do anything Destiny Moody wants. You know you would.

Destiny Moody is just perfect in every shape and form.

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