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Nikks Sims In Glasses

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Well this is something new…. We’ve seen Nikki Sims in every possible scene you could imagine. We’ve seen her as the country girl, the French maid, schoolgirl, etc…. But I don’t ever recall seeing Nikki Sims in glasses like this.

I remember when glasses was the kiss of death for a woman. From that day forward a woman with glasses would be shunned and called four eyes. Men would want nothing to do with them. Now all of that has changed. Nerds are in, and computer geeks are in high demand. Chicks with glasses are hot. The bigger the glasses the hotter they are!

This picture of Nikki Sims is smoking hot – big glasses, cleavage, and short shorts. I think she is a bit old for homework, but maybe she is working on something for her site – making a list of hot scenes she wants to be photographed naked in. I see a little bit of cleavage going on there; Nikki Sims has a lot of cleavage! She is MILFtastic!

Who wouldn’t want to tag that? Over and over and over again!

The short shorts and the school girl glasses are enough to make any man hard!

I’ve always had a thing for Nikki Sims ever since I could remember, but these days she is like a fine wine. She only gets hotter with age!

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