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Meet Madden Sexy Outside

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Madden makes the perfect farmer’s daughter, doesn’t she?

The best part about this is Madden is in fact a farmer’s daughter. I’ve told this story time and time again… The very first time I was in the members area of her site I watched a video of Madden driving around in a big pick up truck and she was looking around at horses. Turns out Madden likes horses. She is a country girl at heart. Well, a country girl that likes rap music.

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Madden. I think my favorite pictures of her were the first pictures I’ve ever seen of her. She was dressed up in a school girl skirt and wearing a plaid sleevless sweater or something like that. But this photo of Madden outside in the grass on the farm in her cowboy boots and panties is also very, very hot. This might be on my top five list of photos of Madden!

It doesn’t look too comfortable, but I would bangy bangy Madden right there in the grass. But only if I am on top. Ah fuck it – I would let ride on top of me if she wanted. I would take a little bit of pain to have Madden fuck me while riding me.

Super hot she is!

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