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The World’s Most Perfect Ass

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I think Cassidy Cole has the most perfect ass ever.

The first thing a man sees on a woman is their breasts. They sort of stand out and then lure us in. It’s hard to miss them because they stand out so much. In fact, breasts are so popular with men that I think women are attracted to breasts too. But of course we should never ever estimate the value of a good ass…  I am not an ass man so I am not sure what makes a perfect ass, but I would like to nominate Cassidy Cole.

Maybe it’s the photographer who shoots her. He (or she?) must be an ass man. Cassidy Cole doesn’t have much in the line of breasts. Oh, she has a pair of small , perky breasts, and they are beautiful if you are into smaller boobs. That’s fine. It seems to me that Cassidy Cole makes the most of her best assets, which happens to be her ass. Every time I see her photos they seem to focus on her ass.

These two recent photos of Cassidy Cole are a good example. They are both from the same photoshoot, and seem to focus on her ass.

In the first photo she is wear a pair of blue jeans. She’s playing it up a bit; She’s not really laying down so much as she is on her knees propping her ass up a little bit. That’s fine – that’s what we’ve come here to see.

In the second photo Cassidy Cole is just buck ass naked and…. Her ass is just utterly flawless.

I could just imagine laying down with her and cuddling with her, playing with her ass all day long. Oh, the things people like us could do to her ass. This looks like it could be a lot of fun!

You can also bet Cassidy Cole likes to be fucked doggie style too!

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