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Candice Brielle In Ponytail

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There is always been something about a chick in a ponytail. Not sure why that is. Maybe the ponytail represents youth, and that’s what we all like. You surely don’t see MILFs running around the local mall with ponytails. You know how the MILFs love going to the mall to show off their boobs, but they know damn well they can’t pull off a ponytail.

Candice Brielle on the other hand can pull off a ponytail just perfectly. She’s the perfect age to do this.

Whats even hotter is that Candice Brielle  has half a tit out. I wonder if she runs around to the mall like this. That would be hot. Who doesn’t like a little bit of side boob while shopping at the mall?

I wonder what else Candice Brielle  is wearing in this picture… I wonder if she has on some little shorts, or tight jeans. Or maybe Candice Brielle is just wearing a pair of white panties.

No matter what Candice Brielle is a tight little hottie.

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