8 months ago

Madden Is Topless

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I don’t like the solo girls who don’t do the full nudity… I want to see it all – even if I am not paying for it. I like boobies. In fact, everyone likes boobies. Even the chicks like boobies too.

At this point after two or three years of posting up pictures of Madden here on the best solo girl blog ever all I want is to see her naked… Or at least topless. All of these “softcore” chicks who like to tease us eventually show us everything. It’s only a matter of time. Eventually sales to their site slow down, and they need to do something new already…. It’s about time Madden did this! In fact, all of you should go to her site right now and sign up and demand to see her topless!

Now I am wondering if Madden has a shaved pussy, or a little landing strip… No matter – I still want to bang it over and over again.

I’ve always loved Madden… I’ll love her even more once she’s topless!

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