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Caitlin McSwain Is Perky And Smoking Hot

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Caitlin McSwain from This Year’s Model is perky and smoking hot!

There is just something about white white chicks. It’s not a racist thing, nor does it have anything to do with the wonderful time I’ve spent up North in Canada (which I refer to as “America’s Hat”). I have a certain fondness for red heads, always have, always will. (I lost my virginity to a red head!) Red heads are not always the prettiest because of their super fair skin which makes them look, well, Canadian. (Although I’ve noticed that chicks from “up north” such as Monata are white white too, mostly because they rarely see the sun. I live in Hawaii and we don’t have white white girls here.) So when I find a “white white” chick that looks decent it’s kind of exciting for me. This Caitlin McSwain chick does it for me.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that really white chicks can do their make up perfectly to make them look so damn sexy. Obviously Caitlin McSwain has this down!

Not only does she have the most perfect make up, but she also has a beautiful little perky rack. Combined with a nice little tight package she has, and I’m fully on board with her. I am sure that Caitlin McSwain can provide hours on end of hot entertainment – if not an entire lifetime full of fun. Yes, I’d hit it. But then again, I would hit nearly anything. All I need is a stiff breeze to get me – well – stiff and I’m fully on board.

I think Caitlin McSwain is beautiful. Nearly perfect.

Now, Caitlin McSwain might be beautiful in every way shape or form, but it’s a completely different kind of beautiful from other solo girls – like Destiny Moody.

If Caitlin McSwain isn’t Canadian, she must be from New England. But that’s fine. I’d still hit it all day long!

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