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Sexy Black Ford Truck

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It’s confession time.

I tend to sit here on my blog and talk about these chicks like I know them. If I don’t know them, I imply that I will meet them in the near future, blah blah blah, big talk is just that – big talk. And for the most part I try to be honest, although truthfully I don’t attend the adult conventions like I used to. And the models don’t attend them much either. Which might be why I’m not going!

But when it comes to Misty Anderson, I’m so not trying to bullshit anyone about anything. I still have her on my cell phone; I’ve flown her own to visit me just for kicks. She’s always a blast. Click here if you need proof that I’ve met her you fucking slacker.

And it’s no big secret I’m Ford fan either. I’ve been driving nothing but Fords for like the past fifteen years. Not that Ford is any better than any other car, but that’s what I got into. So it’s not the first time we’ve seen Misty Anderson on a Ford.

misty anderson naked ford truck3

Damn, Misty Anderson is looking good. Killer pictures too – Looks like out in the middle of no where!

Good place for a chick to get raped. As if any of us could ever rape Misty Anderson. She’d so kick your ass!

misty anderson naked ford truck4

I should mention that I recently bought a new Ford truck…..

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