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Ashley Doll Bending Over

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It’s always been my personal belief that all chicks like cock as much as we like fucking them, and also that all chick like breasts. I mean, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like breasts? Even gay guys like breasts. At the very same time, another little dirty secret that chicks keep from us is that they like it from behind. Sometimes doggie style, but no matter what they like it from behind.

I’m not sure why this is. It might be because chicks like to be degraded like dogs. Chicks like Ashley Doll like nothing more then getting down on all fours to be fucked from behind, or bending over and taking it from behind…. and even sometimes up the ass!

I bet you Ashley Doll has tried anal sex before. And I bet you Ashley Doll liked anal sex. Yeah, look at that little smile on her face. She’s bending over with her asshole on display to anyone who might be behind her and she’s smiling. It’s like she’s saying “come fuck me right now” with a smile on her face. Sweet.

Yes, I would hit it. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ashley Doll.

When she is bending over like this with her legs spread, you can see her titties hanging down. Those are the right sized titties too – not too big, not too small. They look like a lot of fun to play with. LOL – just imagine being behind Ashley Doll , having your cock inside of her of, and being able to play with her titties. I imagine it doesn’t get much hotter than that now does it? I mean, unless Ashley Doll invites her girlfriend out to play with us. Then it would be super super hot!

I bet you Ashley Doll likes banging chicks as much as we do.

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