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Teen Ass Tight As A Drum

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I’ve been in this business for some time now. Just to give you a hint, this blog itself is over ten years old. It’s not often I get surprised. It’s not often I see a picture and say “oh wow”. Well, it just happened right here and right now.

This is a picture of Michelle Jean from This Year’s Model. Yum. As I mentioned I’ve been in this business a long, long time, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an ass so tight on a model. Of course, Michelle Jean is much more than “just a model”. She does it all. Chicks who know more about computers than I do are a huge fucking turn on for me. But that ass is too much for me to handle. It’s perfect. I would lick it, kiss it, spank it, and I would totally tap it. Daily. Twice daily.

It’s pretty clear from this shot that Michelle Jean likes it doggie style.

The matching black panties and bra are super sexy too. I wonder if women dress like this on a daily basis. Do they really wear matching bras and panties under their clothes every time they leave the house? If so that is hot. Or is this something that women do just to impress us? Does it matter?

Which an ass like Michelle Jean has, would you ever say no? Hell no. I wouldn’t ever even consider kicking her out of bed for eating cookies in bed. She can eat anything she wants in bed really. Just so long as she is in my bed. With me. Don’t hate.

A chick like Michelle Jean with her looks and her beautiful tight ass…. And her other talents…. She can have any man she wants. Damn, those are some long ass legs!

If Michelle Jean isn’t marriage material, I don’t know what is already.

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