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Madden’s Sexy Bubble Bath

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I’ve learned a lot of things about women since I’ve started working in the porn industry. Oh, women are magical creatures. I think I know all of their secrets on this point.

For example, chicks like Madden like to be fucked doggie style.  Yeah, it’s kind of degrading for them and they will tell you they don’t like it but deep down inside they do. They don’t talk about it, but they love being fucked doggie style. Nothing turns them on more than getting on their hands and knees and pretending they are a dog. If you spank them they might even bark for you too!

They also like long bubble baths… Why? Simple. They get to close they door and have some “private time’ all alone… Time when they can do what ever comes to mind while they are already naked. You know, like touching themselves. Fingering themselves….. That kind of stuff!

This picture makes it look liked Madden was caught red handed!


Hell, if Madden was my girl she can masturbate any time she wants…. In fact, I would encourage her to do it. But only if I get to watch. Yeah, I would let her get off three our four times a day if she wanted. Hell, maybe I would even record it and perhaps even put it on line!

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