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Madden In A Bikini Again

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I like the new pictures of Madden in bikinis….

Madden doesn’t have much when it comes to boobs, but she’s got enough to make it work. When it comes to breasts you don’t always need huge breasts, just breasts big enough to keep things entertaining…. And clearly she has just enough.

She’s showing off her boobs nicely. In many ways this sort of looks like a glamour shot! Super hot!

This is the way I’ve always seen Madden… .

She is so funny – and sexy. She can go from personality to personality. All she does is change clothes and suddenly she is a completely different person. I bet she is most comfy in jeans in a flannel shit. Then Madden changes into a bikini and suddenly she goes from country girl to glamour model. It’s super hot when a woman can do that.

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