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Sexy Teen Lilly Chey On The Couch

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I am not sure why but chicks in glasses are super hot.

It used to be that chicks with glasses were considered “four eyes” and no one gave them any thought. I am seeing Lilly Chey in glasses a lot, so I am guessing these are her real glasses. I’ve shot a lot of solo girl stuff in my time, and usually when you have a prop like a pair of fake glasses you use them once or twice and then most likely never again. All clothes is like that when shooting content – you buy something for a photo shoot, use it once, and then it goes into a huge pile and is most likely never used again.

So my guess is that Lilly Chey wears glasses. What makes this ten times hotter is the fact that the exact glasses Lilly Chey wears on a daily basis is the exact kind of glasses that turn us men on all the time!

Lilly Chey was wearing a rather tight pair of jeans and a dress up shirt that buttons up. Looks like she has decided to strip down. She is wearing a white bra, and her breasts rests perfectly in that sexy little white bra. You have to admit, you like how boobs lay in their bras like this. So round, so perfect. And yes, Lilly Chey does have perfect breasts.

That look with the glasses is just to die for. If I saw that in my bedroom I think I would bust a nut right there. This is about too much to handle!

Lilly Chey is just perfect!

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