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Teen Lesbians In Shower

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What more can a grown man ask for? Lia 19 and Private School Jewel naked in the shower together… This right here is the holy grail. This right here is what all men have dreamed about all of their life.

Now I’ve never seen Private School Jewel naked, in fact, I’ve never met her person.

I have met Lia 19 in person more than once. She is everything you want her to be. She’s cute, funny, perky, dresses just a little slutty – and she can drink you under the table super easy like.

When you get Lia 19 and Private School Jewel together, get them naked, throw them in the shower, and then watch them lather each other up… This right here is what dreams are made up of. If you had the chance to make this happen you would move heaven and earth to be a part of it…

This might be an old picture but it’s super hot. Their little bodies are oh so tight. I wonder if they sat around in the shower and fingered each other’s pussies for an afternoon… I bet they did.

Here is a little secret… Some of these chicks get so turned on by shooting this softcore teasing porn that after the photographer leaves they go out on their own and fuck around with each other. I saw it all the time when I worked with Lightspeed Cash. They were younger, maybe freshmen in college, and oh so willing to explore. And when I say “explore” I mean explore each other’s bodies. They couldn’t wait to be alone. Sometimes they would end up dating.

I wonder how many chicks like  Lia 19 and Private School Jewel turned into lesbians because they shot porn like this?

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