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Ass Up Face Down

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Some women just like to be hit from behind. It’s a fact Jack. Take that to the bank!

Blue Eyed Cass is clearly one of those chicks who likes to be hit from behind. Nearly have of the pictures I see of her she’s on her hands and knees. It’s called “Ass up face down”. Here she is again bending over, read to be nailed. Check it!

nice panties ass down face up

Now, that’s not to say that Blue Eyed Cass has an ugly face or anything. Nay nay! She’s rather beautiful, and has these beautiful blue eyes that suck you right in.

Oh, and she has some good sized headlights too!

blue eyed cass face shot

So yeah, clearly Blue Eyed Cass likes it from behind. This is always fun for us, because we like it that way too!

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