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Sexy Slutty Lia 19

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Lia 19 is a one of a kind.

I might say this a lot about chicks but with Lia 19 she sure is a one of a kind… She’s special. Oh, she’s easy on the eyes. She’s beautiful. Great rack, blonde hair, pretty face, ass, legs…. and a damn beautiful pussy. All around Lia 19 is great. Stunning. But that’s only one side of her.

She’s fun to be with…. One time on a Wednesday afternoon we went to lunch and got so drunk that we had to get cabs home. But did you know that not only does she recruit models and photographs them? She used to work for FTV Girls and she did it all… As much as I like Alison Angel, Lia 19 was the hart and soul of that company.

And she did photoshop stuff too.

God damn Lia 19 looks great with her titties out and her legs spread….

Lia 19 is super hot all the way around – and oh so much fun to be with.

With titties like this and a beautiful pussy…. Lia 19 can write her own ticket and have any man she wants. Rumor has it she’s got a man and he takes good care of her. Yeah, Lia 19 is a winner!

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