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Real Life Madden

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We’ve seen Madden in every sexy little get up you can imagine. We’ve seen her in her bikini, shorts, tight skirts, tight dresses, bras, panties, topless; I am sure we have seen Madden in a French Maid outfit. And so on. You get the point. Right about now I just want to see the real girl behind Madden.

I remember the first time I was in her site. I watched a video of Madden driving a truck looking at horses. She was wearing jeans and a tight little t-shirt that made her perky boobs stand out. It was hot and sexy.

Today we have Madden in a tight little pair of short shorts and a little t-shirt. This is how I imagine Madden on a daily basis. This is exactly what the girl next door looks like.

I know you want to bang this all damn day long – don’t we all?

Although I must admit I wouldn’t mind seeing Madden in her short shorts and some high heels, maybe have her bending over a little bit…. That would just be so hot!

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