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Tiny Tight Kylie Cupcakes

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Men like a lot of things in life… All men like big boobs and lesbians for example. One time I went for a job interview in the adult industry, for one of my first adult industry jobs. I was in high demand even back then in the early days. It was an interview that took place out of state and I had to fly out for an over night visit. Turns out the guy I was interviewing with knew all about me and what I liked. He took me to a strip club with two smoking hot models – they were so sexy that they blew away the strippers. (Then again strippers are strippers.) They spent the entire night making out with each other. Years later I discovered they were paid to entertain me and make out with each other most of the night.

Kylie Cupcake reminds me of one of these chicks. Tall, super thin, small boobs, perky, and beautiful. And of course oh so willing. Yeah, make no mistake about it Kylie Cupcake sure could be marriage material if only she would let us. I know they say that someone somewhere is tired of fucking her, but not with Kylie Cupcake. One can never get tired of fucking Kylie Cupcake.

Wouldn’t you want to fuck that over and over again?

Kylie Cupcake is so damn beautiful she is in Playboy Plus. Say what you want about Playboy, but they’ve always had the most beautiful women ever. And of course Kylie Cupcake fits right in there at playboy. She’s that pretty.

She might not have a lot in the breast department, but that’s okay… Small boobies can have fun too. It’s just a little less to look at. And if you give Kylie Cupcake a tight shirt and a push up bra she’ll look great in public.

Kylie Cupcake is super sexy!

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