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Kylie Cupcake In Sexy Bra

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I’ve been doing this for so long…. I’ve seen it all. Some lingerie is hotter than others, and in this case, Kylie Cupcake has on one of the sexiest bras I’ve seen in a long time.

Back in the day bras were an after thought; Bras were meant to hold boobies and that was about it. Someone some where along the noticed that men like to see boobies and they like to see boobies in bras just as much. Suddenly a brand new world of sexy bras came to life. Now all bras are sexy – nearly all bras. But this bra Kylie Cupcake has on really does it for me. Then again, I am easy to please.

It’s funny how Kylie Cupcake has such small titties and yet this bra makes them super sexy.

All women should wear bras like Kylie Cupcake is wearing…

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